Raduga Grëz - 拼圖積木 - Infante


推崇自然環境與人文藝術的俄羅斯木製積木Raduga Grëz,每組設計都來自他們對生活周遭及大自然的靈感,使用天然原木及自然性塗料上色,沒有上膜也不多做烤漆,保有原木的紋理,觸感及香氣,製作費時又費力,但卻是最獨一無二的童玩!


  • Size: 20×15×7 cm
  • Non-toxic waterbased paint
  • Handmade with solid wood


*Please note that this item is handmade with natural wood and may show signs of imperfections."Wrinkles around the eyes are smudge marks. Women's stretch marks are traces of matured love. Marks and knots on toys, like moles on human bodies, are signs of life. It's what makes these toys so special and unique."

7天鑑賞期權益 (不含折扣商品)